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Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs) is an original and unique identifier that exists on the blockchain. Some compare NFTs to receipts, contracts, or terms and conditions. NFTs are typically presented as digital art, but can be any piece of intellectual property. NFTs are the perfect way to prove ownership over digital content and allows for the buying, selling, and trading of said content. Tech Girl NYU hosts our NFTs on Mintbase with an eclectic collection of digital art and phygital products.


As defined by Professor Marc Beckman, web3 is the 4th industrial revolution. It’s the third evolution of the world wide web that contrasts web2 through a decentralized platform. 

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Connect your crypto wallet and find our Mintbase marketplace under the contract: techgirlnyu.mintbase1.near

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Browse through our collection and select the NFT(s) you’d like to purchase

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Click “Buy Now” to purchase our NFT(s) and follow the steps! 

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Tech Girl NYU is powered by your financial support. Through the purchasing of our NFTs, we allocate funds for technology scholarships that will be awarded to women and girls with a love of tech. While we strongly encourage you to buy our NFTs, Tech Girl also seeks support through the donation of NFTs.


Any original art can be sold as a collaboration on our Mintbase marketplace. Our DAO also seeks partnerships to create exclusive drops for consumers to enjoy. Help us bridge the gap between women’s tech education and the lack of resources and access. Thank you in advance for your support!

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Jeff Wan X Tech Girl

Exclusive Drop Available Now!

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