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Jeff Wan x Tech Girl

Immerse Yourself in the Metaverse Expedition by Jeff Wan X Tech Girl!

Witness the Unveiling of 5 Extraordinary NFTs: Expanding Jeff Wan's Metaverse Realm Embark on an awe-inspiring odyssey through the digital realm, where the visionary artist Sam Rothschild breathes life into 5 resplendent NFTs. These digital marvels, representing the iconic cities of New York, Milan, Paris, London, and Tokyo, transcend boundaries, merging artistry and technology in unparalleled harmony.

The drop is an early access to the designer’s latest Fall collection. It includes Handbag Awards' Winning Designer, Jeff Wan's novelty shape Lunchbox bag, available for $250, and will include one of five NFTs that represent five iconic cities, with a total of 100 units available. The NFT is also available to purchase for $100. A portion of the proceeds are going to scholarships for underprivileged girls with an interest in technology.

The bag will ship on August 1st, 2023.

Secure your exclusive piece today. Limited availability.


TECH GIRL DAO is a congregation of fifteen graduate students across various concentrations with a common interest in expanding their predilection on the Metaverse and encouraging young women from diverse backgrounds to become involved in this booming field. Since the majority of our class, Marketing in the Metaverse consists of international and POC students, we collectively knew that it was important for young women from their respective cultures to be represented in a male-dominated field, thus offering assistance that gives equitable opportunities for them to explore new skills that can build pathways to economic mobility.

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Our mission is to empower and encourage women in the field of technology. We advocate for gender equity and diversity by fostering a supportive community and providing resources and opportunities to overcome barriers.

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NYU TechGirl is partnering with numerous organizations that believe in our cause and are motivated to help us reach our goal providing scholarships to girls who lack the right resources. Our partners come from vast backgrounds that bring unique support to our mission. Together we can change the world, one scholarship at a time.

Jeff Wan X Tech Girl


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Jeff Wan X Tech Girl

Exclusive Drop Available Now!

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